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Ride Along

Category : Films, Reviews · by Feb 1st, 2014

Sadly, this Cop Friday is not worth watching. What could possibly have went so wrong for this to be mediocre at best?Story is about a guy who wants to win over a cops sister in order to merry her and that’s all you need to know.

Ice Cube, Kevin Heart,¬†Benny Blanco*, Laurence Fishburne and bunch of Serbs of whom you only see two and none of them are talking Serbian. If you were born before 2004 and still somehow haven’t seen a ton of crime/detective buddy movies that are shown on TV every day, than I suggest you go and see this movie. Otherwise, you can just skip this one right away.

Kevin Heart was fine, but his standup comedy hasn’t really transferred over to the big screen. There was no chemistry between low playing Ice Cube and high level Kevin. It was nice to see Laurence FIshburne back in, at least somewhat relevant, movies. After Matrix, it seems like he somehow disappeared from the main stream movies. Also John Leguizamo was a refreshing character, always nice to see him. Maybe its time to move away from those Ice Age animated cartoons or at least do a real life film once in a while.

* John Leguizamo – Carlito’s Way reference