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Terminator Genisys

Category : Reviews ยท by Oct 11th, 2015

Oh boy… He was back, then he went forward, so they could do nothing.

Emili Clark, too close to Game of Thrones, albeit her being a very good in that role, she is not my Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton).

Arnie, felt too much as a human instead of T-800.

Cool things? Well, CGI was absolutely gorgeous concerning young Terminator. It’s the best CGI facial makeup I’ve seen yet. It felt like they jumped back and brought young Arnold to reprise his role. One thing, while the face, hair and skin were perfect, I thing they have might buffed him up a little bit, to resemble his metal endoskeleton.

Overall, not that great. Meaning, it’s not James Cameron kids, sorry. You won’t find logic, drama or thriller in this. You will find plot point story, guiding you from A to B even if that means taking things out of place. Everything, every character is not the character you expect, and their interaction, trying to cram in several emotions in one short scene won’t help either.

What I wanted to see?
Pops doing construction, between 1997 and 2014.