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Enders Game

Category : Films, Reviews · by Feb 1st, 2014

Expected not much, got slightly less than that. In this case, the call is clear: “Go read the book, its much better!”.

Story revolves around The Last Starfighter* who needs to become Captain Steven Hiller** in order to stop The Bugs*** in order to prevent The Arrival**** of a colonization/invasion force from space and send E.T.***** home. Sound familiar? Oh well…

This movie had potential to be bigger than Star Wars. Yes, the book was that good and influential. However not everyone can go out and create great movies based on fictional literary work (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and almost all of the comic book movies coming out). Despite its great potential the film failed to deliver, failed to engage and failed to inspire.

Suggestion, go watch any of the movies referenced below.

* The Last Starfighter reference
** Independence Day reference
*** Starship Troopers reference
**** The Arrival reference
***** E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial reference

Enders Game


  • MiloŇ° Krneti?

    Failed, and it failed miserably, in my opinion that is. The movie can hold some value only to those not having read the book. Thinking the crew in charge hadn’t read it also. Far too short. Go kill yourself, Han Solo. Or worse – make another Indiana Jones movie.