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Step brothers

Category : Films, Reviews ยท by Jan 5th, 2015

Wanna see the last funny movie Will Ferrell made? You’re at the right place. Step brothers was released on 2008 and it very might be the last time you see Will Ferrell showing his comedic abilities. Everything he made after this was either not accepted by mainstream, or became accepted only after some time has passed, like Anchorman. Still the funny level dropped like a brick.

To be perfectly honest, the only reason this film worked was because of the brilliant John C. Riley and his ability not to make Will, or scenes he is in, look idiotic but rather funny and amusing. Not ripping on Will here, but simply he went from making people laugh at his material to people laughing at him, also expecting people to react and laugh at him. That’s just not making any sense. Many comedians had this problem as well. Someone needs to pull them aside and let them know they cant all be Bill Murray or Woody Harrelson.


Two single parents meet at medial convention and instantly become attached. They both have a son who is in his early thirties just laying around the house not doing much and not being all to terribly smart. Once the single parents decide to move in with each other and start living together, kids are also in the package.


Current imdb rating: 6.9/10
TrekNexus rating: 6/10


There were few. One great bit was when the parents were selling the house and the sketch comedy performed by Will and John. They could have cut entire movie out and left only those scenes in and it wouldn’t matter all that much. Maybe it would have been a better movie if the two main characters weren’t dumbed down all that much.