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Gotham S01E07

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Story wise, this episode is one that has shown the most since the pilot. However, this is not a Batman tv show (it doesn’t say so in the title, for sure) and they should remove the little Bruce Wayne from this, its not working.

Character review
Starting from the first episode, this character jumped off the table, Oswald Cobblepot also known as Penguin.

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot – The Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor)
Ever since Batman Returns hit the screens in 1992 there was only one actor that anyone could imagine being Penguin – Danny DeVito. His performance made Tim Burton’s Batman a diamond solid and Michael Keaton had a great actor to play of.
Today we have a new take on Batman, a prequel tv show that is supposed to show younger versions of super villains we are used to seeing in comic books and games. RLT did an amazing job with his role, simply amazing.

The only bad side of having such a memorable role is being typecasted, but if that’s the case I’m sure we will have pleasure to see Mr Taylor’s performance on the big screen in years to come as The Penguin in some future installment of Batman films.
When thinking about the Cobblepot’s character you really cant attribute any super hero strengths. His main weapon is ability to deal his way out of any situation either by talk or strategy or money. Not really a pratical advisory to the Gotham’s Dark Knight, but he becomes respectable soon enough.
He is truly one of rare gems on this tv show and I hope his character doesn’t start doing things out of character or gets cheapened.


Fish Mooney discovers that Cobblepot is still alive and working for Moroni. Gordon gets in trouble because of not killing him, and even Bullock draws a gun on him. Later Gordon gets to the apartment only to find out that Mooney’s henchmen have already captured Barabara and are waiting for him to come back. In face of danger James sends Barbara away.
After coming back to the GCPD Gordon request blank warrants in order to apprehend several key people in the mob and government so he would clean out Gotham, before they take him out. Mooney and Nikolai have a meeting with Don Falcone in order to solve the situation only to Falcone to send for Gordon, he sends Victor to bring him in.
Victor visits the GCPD and tells all cops to leave the building leaving him and Gordon alone. Shooting ensues and Gordon escapes just in the nick of time, and Victor claims his 28 murder.
Mooney and Moroni have a meeting to discuss Oswald, where Mooney is asking for “snitches to get stitches”, and in the process Oswald gets slapped around a bit. As a payback Fish decides to capture Moroni’s gun truck in order to force him to give up Penguin.
Gordon meets up with Bruce Wayne at the manor and describes the difficulty of the current situation.
Oswald leads a group of Moroni thugs to raid Mooneys warehouse, but it was all the plot to eliminate Don Moroni’s number two, Frankie Carbone, by bribing Frankie’s men on the account that he didn’t pay them enough.
Two don’s have a meeting at the docks to agree the terms of peace treaty, where Falcone gets some property and Moroni gets to keep Oswald.
Jim Gordon and Bullock reunite in Gordons apartment where Harvey pledges to backup him up whatever happens. Gordon reveals that he will try to arrest the mayor and Don Falcone for framing the murder on Mario Pepper (Wayne alleged murderer).
Gordon’s plan starts off good, they manage to arrest the mayor and get to the Falcone’s estate where Barbara is held captive by Victor and Don Falcone. However Jim and Harvey get caught trying to arrest them but are later freed by Falcone.
Out on the estate Falcone is meet by Penguin, Oswald is working as a double agent.




Gordon’s fight in the aparment during the first few minutes of the episode. Victor Zsasz’s entrance and introduction. Drew Powell’s portrayal of Butch Gilzean and nun’s kidnapping in order to stop the truck and dealing with two truck drivers.


Shootout between Victor Zsasz and Gordon in the GCPD headquarters. Barbara Gordon’s character, just sucks. She is eye candy, but she doesn’t fit in.