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Escape plan

Category : Films, Reviews ยท by Jan 30th, 2014

Stallone sure knows two things, how to cast people for the roles and create a solid movie. Great casting, good action, quality entertainment.

Story stars with Stallone in the prison plotting a way to break out of there. Soon enough his methodical approach springs him to freedom only for us to find out that his job is actually to go undercover and try to find and exploit problems with prison security in order to be improved later on. One day he gets an offer from CIA to help test a new secret holding facilities meant for the people that need to be removed.

The story is solid, acting is solid, cast is really good so whats wrong with it? Two things.

First, the era of real life human heroes had passed and DC and Marvel are the new hot thing in the town. Apart from that this film is worth watching for what it is, an action filled adventure (somewhat) with Sly and Arnie.

Second thing, everyone started comparing it with Tango and Cash which has somewhat of the same premise. That shouldn’t stop you from seeing this one, think of it as Tango and Conan.

Escape plan