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Thor: The Dark World

Category : Films, Reviews · by Jan 29th, 2014

Worth watching only because of the on screen chemistry between Thor and Loki. When talking about movies that have headliners who carry the movie, this one really does.The story picks up some time after events in Avengers. Thor has left the Earth to take care of some business on Vanaheim and help stop marauders. Loki has been imprisoned for his crimes. Odin talks to Thor that its about time to get married.

All in all its a wedding movie. Not really. However, its a very very good comic book movie that needs just a little bit more tender, love and care to become a full blown hit. Problem with the movie is, that it doesn’t take its self too seriously which takes away from its power to connect and create influence on the viewer. The comedy in the film seems like a safety net, so that they (creators/Marvel) can shield themselves if the movie tanks. Not that it can, in today’s super hero and ComiCon era of movies. Wish they took it a notch or two more seriously it would have payed off so much more.

There is really nothing even remotely negative that can be said about¬†Chris Hemsworth potrayal of Thor and Tom Hiddleston’s epic take on Loki. It really shows how great casting can be made outside established Hollywood A list actors and still have fantastic results. Star Wars actors were virtually nobodies before their roles of Luke, Han and Leia.

Great supporting roles from Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Odin’s wife Frigga played by Rene Russo who did an awesome job. Such a great female actor, so many great roles. We cant forget phenomenal Idris Elba who didn’t felt high and mighty to refuse the chance to bring back the gate keeper Heimdall.

Its very important to be said that a lot of these actors could have refused to take part in these movies. Idris has a fantastic career in front of him. Mr Hopkins could have easily declined to take part. At this point a general opinion is that its not about the money and that people love those roles and characters. We should be grateful.

And now about some people who, if they opted out their roles, would in fact improve on the quaility of the movie. Those people are Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings. Just awful, whenever they have screen time you come to think “Who watched them and decided – here is some potential.”. They bombed, hard.

The next photo shows Kat Dennings reaction when they called her back for Thor 2, and also her entire acting “range”.

Photo by Sonja Flemming - Copyright 2012 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Photo by Sonja Flemming – Copyright 2012 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Update: While reading iMDB Trivia section for the film you will find that Natalie Portman had a outburst of temper over the director choice, so that explains a lot.

Thor: The Dark World