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Justice League: War

Category : Reviews ยท by Jan 26th, 2014

Animated, in most cases, is still better than live action. On that note, this one position itself somewhere in the middle. Almost all characters had a role in this DC Comics film which is a nice change from simple one liners. Should one watch? TN feel is YES.The story begins in Gotham city and it pretty much stays there. Justice League is not formed and the one reason contributing to that is that heroes still haven’t meet each other yet. You will be taken through meeting some of the heroes, watching them becoming what they are, taking upon one of the biggest enemies and forming of the League. There are really no spoilers here, if you were expecting some extended plot points and twist and turns, look elsewhere you won’t see it here, and guess what, that’s absolutely fine.

Animation in Justice League: War is mostly 2D, and there were few scenes that used 3D for mechanical or some moving parts and only on one occasion it looked out of place, as mixing of 2D and 3D usually is. For all the fans of Batman out there, the voice of the Dark Knight is not done by beloved Kevin Conroy. It didn’t felt right in first dozen of scenes, later on you get used to Jason O’Mara’s voice. Still, it would have been great to hear that familiar Conroy voice that we are all used to by now.

Other characters were treated well, if there was a packing order it would look something like this: Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Shazam, Wonder Woman and Flash. It was fun seeing Green Lantern / Hal Jordan going back and forth with Batman in the opening scenes, it would be nice to see more of that because they had such a great chemistry(?!) on screen.

Its hard to create a movie with ensemble of actors and have a meaningful role for each and every one of them, and then imagine how hard would it be with heroes. That’s why there are just a handful of really great movies with big cast’s that managed to make full use of them, to name some – The Godfather, Goodfellas, Star Wars, Kelly’s Heroes, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Letters from Iwo Jima, The Dirty Dozen, X-Men, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back… OK, the list has no particular order and we could have listed more movies but if you take time to see, or you have already seen any of the titles listed above, you would have seen what a great use of on screen talent looks like.

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