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Kick Ass 2

Category : Reviews · by Jan 22nd, 2014

Kicking less ass and giving more confused storyline. Movie lacked cohesion. It looks like they failed to find a way to evolve it to the next level.Story continues where the last movie left off and shows Hit Girl on her own, remembering her father and continuing to practice. Kick Ass tries to team up with other super heroes that started to pop up all over the city while maintaining his relationship with Hit Girl. Since Red Mist lost his father in the previous film he is filled with anger and constantly plotting how to revenge his father’s death.

To be perfectly clear, this is not an evolution of the previous Kick Ass movie. Anyone expecting to see further main character development, his increasing fighting skill range and bringing bigger and better Kick Ass, will be utterly disappointed. Movie is centered around Hit Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) and it follows her development from a child to a girl while throwing in some common high school acceptance issues. After first ten minutes of the film you will feel how Kick Ass is demoted to a supporting character and that he only serves as a plot device going from scene to scene. Several moments looked like bits, sketches put in the film as someones obligatory scene and praying it will all mash up at the end.

Gore and violence that served the first movie really well, has a complete different effect in this one. Jim Carey was notable because of all of the promotions connecting his name with the film. If you didnt know he was in the film, you will never notice him. John Leguizamo was good and its nice to see him back.

If you are a fan of Hit Girl, this is a movie for you.

Kick Ass 2