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Last Vegas

Category : Reviews ยท by Jan 22nd, 2014

Another, coming of age story? Yes… Hangover when 60? No, not really. If youre 30 or over, its worth watching.

The story revolves around four friends, where three of them have came to terms with their age and everyday routine in life, while one of them is trying to validate his youthfulness “by marrying a child”. The wedding is supposed to take place in Las Vegas, NV and the boys decide to throw a bachelor party for their friend.

Principal cast of these four great actors raises a question, who is the leading man? Well, the movie mostly centers around the Michael Douglas and Robert DeNiro characters, while Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline do a great job in their expanded supporting roles. In the end, all of the characters have a story arc, which is nice to see, but its to be expected with the names attached to the film.

The movie gives off an instant warm comedy feeling with lite atmosphere which is kept alive all through the film but on few occasions, where it goes deeper under the surface touching on the fabric of life and relationships. However it quickly goes back to the happy go lucky theme and by the end of the movie ties up all the loose ends.

Also on the side note, are everyone expecting DeNiro to play a grumpy guy roles until the end? Its nice to see him upbeat for a change. While concerning other actors worth mentioning, Mary Steenburgen (Doc’s wife from Back to the Future) is nothing but great.

Last Vegas