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Category : Reviews ยท by Jan 12th, 2014

From forbidden fruit to the Snow White’s poison apple, from Matrix’s red and blue pills to Limitless clear glass. Money, drugs and oil make the World go round. Take the pill unlock your potential.Limitless is a story about a struggling writer (played by Bradly Cooper) who is almost a textbook example for depression and ADHD. One day, he meets his ex brother in law who gives him a clear glass pill and says it will help him clear his mind and unlock 100% of his brain. The story takes twists and turns building a story arc which somewhere down the end just collapses.

The movie is pretty watchable, but don’t expect the ending of the movie to be the ending, because all that needs to happen, does so 10 minutes before the movie end. Consider the additional 10 minutes as the extra footage.