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The Wolf of Wall Street

Category : News · by Jan 11th, 2014

Look at it this way. If you paid for a movie ticket to see this movie, ten minutes in you would be sorry you’ve done it. Why? Because the movie is making money of us “regular” guys.

Produced by both L. DiCaprio and M. Scorsese this movie seemed like Wall Street 2 that should have been, instead it felt like Pain & Gain but set in a high class society.

If there would be a person to single out from the cast it would be Jonah Hill’s performance. Not because his performance was outstanding, no. Everyone did a very good job playing their characters but it just felt that finally we saw him outside his comfort area and he delivered.

Not for everyone, we’re sure a lot of people would turn this movie down. Hell, if it wasn’t directed by Scorsese maybe we would have missed out on it too. Oscars? Nah, not that good.

The Wolf of Wallstreet