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Star Wars VII

Category : TN Thoughts ยท by Jan 25th, 2013

Oh God, where to go, what to say, to whom… Ever since people have seen the Star Wars Episode I there was a decline in trust towards George Lucas and his team at Lucasfilm. Of course this was only the first movie and all of us didn’t have that much to go on. Sure there were some haters spawning here and there but in general the movie was likeable, at that time. To the people that think that it wasn’t, well, it was. This was so because it was the first Star Wars movie we have seen in a while, 16 years to be exact. Sure it wasn’t anything like the previous movies, but people thought that letting one slide to our favorite director (George Lucas) is an option, since he did create the thing, and everyone would look back to it as the one that sucked.

Than came Episode II and everything went to hell. The majority of fans realized that Lucas is clueless about the direction of his baby and that the last, third, movie would be just a continuation with slight variation based on the overwhelmingly bad feedback he received. Well, that is what just happened. And then, when the dust settled, straight from the blue yonder came a news about George Lucas selling his Lucasfilm, along with ILM, to Disney. Oh boy! (as Mickey would say)

New set of movies, new set of three movies is set to be created, George somehow pulled that one out of the closet and said that there are three more. Well, how did we never heard about that before? I guess George is a shy person, who knows. The only thing we know is that Disney payed a shit load of money for his company.

A new unexpected disappointment, swiftly as the news about JJ directing Star Wars, came from the guys at Red Letter Media. They did a great Star Wars review, where the reviewee for the movies was a fictional character Mr. Plinkett. Unfortunately it appears that Mr. Plinkett agrees with the director choice Disney has made. We can only say that they don’t know what is waiting for them. They don’t have a clue.