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Gotham S01E06

Category : TV Shows · by Nov 12th, 2014

Six episodes in and it seems that the show is getting its vibe. Still, sometimes it looks like two different people are directing the show. It almost seems that they are separated per story arcs.

Charachter review
Talking about characters and actors playing them. This time around we will shine some light on Harvey Bullock played by Donal Logue.

Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue)
“Are we talking about Harvey Bullock here?” – I guess this episode is a good way to introduce this character and the actor since its a Bullock centric episode. When thinking about Harvey Bullock the most memorable one was in the Batman: The Animated Series, where he was playing a though and corrupt detective who was trying to catch (up) to Batman and also trying to avoid confrontation with Gordon.

Donal Logue does a good job, not sure his style or himself are 100% compatible with the role, somehow its always lacking. Because of the visual inconsistency of the show its hard do pin point the reason or its maybe because the TAS Bullock was simply the more “lovable” one.
This episode takes us back in time and shows us a young and willing Bullock. One who is eager to spread  justice, solve crimes and help people. Today we see him more than half way on becoming what his character will be – “No heroes!”. He is still willing to trust Gordon and put his trust in him, but will it last?


At a crime scene, Bullock has a flashback to 10 years prior when he and his then partner were working on the case of “The Goat” murderer, which he believed was solved during a shoot out, it appears that the new murder is a copycat. Barbara is forcing Gordon to share the troubles he is having at work. MCU is still working on getting the Cobblepot trying to pin the murder on Gordon. Nygma is hitting on a girl working at the evidence room Kristen Kringle and as a sign of affection he rearranges the evidence room. Oswald comes home to his mother, where he promises her that he will become someone in Gotham. The Goat killer doesn’t look like a copycat because of the hidden penny, the penny that only the real killer would know. Alfred is afraid because of the killers MO which could target Bruce, only for Bruce to disperse all implications. Bullock and Gordon pay a visit to Bullock’s ex partner Dix only to find out that Bullock was once a white knight who was jumping into danger. On the other side of the city, blond rich girl named Amber gets kidnapped. Barbara waits for Rene in front of the court house where she is trying to explain to her that Gordon is not the killer, but only to find out that the judge has issued a warrant for his arrest. Nygma is helping the detectives to find out where and who might have taken the girl. Gordon and Bullock get just in time to rescue the girl and catch the Goat killer. During interogation Bullock reckongnizes that the guy under the Goat mask has a strange hand gesture, almost alike a twitch. He remembers that a father of one of the previous victims had the same gesture. The only common thing they have is a psychiatrist. Gordon comes home only to find out that Barbara talked to Rene and that Montoya told her about the arrest warrant. Just as she is telling him that, door knock and its the MCU with the warrant. Bullock visits Dr Marx where she admits being hypnotherapist for 12 years now and that she treated both people who were wearing the Goat mask. After small skirmish the doctor was caught. James Gordon gets arrested and dragged to GCPD station because of the murder of Oswald Cobblepot by MCU where they came to arrest Bullock as well. Gordon claims innocence, and Bullock, unaware that Gordon didn’t shoot Penguin, is giving him support. Cobblepot walks in and shit hits the fan.




I guess there are two. First one has to be the guy at the docks who is sitting in a chair and interviewed by MCU. Whoever is doing the casting for these 3rd rate support characters is doing a great job. Second one should be the moment when Gordon and Bullock short banter when Harvey asks James why was he late, more stuff like that, please.


Oh boy… This episode had four cringe worthy moments.
1. When Nygma was drinking from a white cup that had a question mark drawn on it.  – OK, we get it, he likes riddles, he will become riddle, give it a break! Show some respect for your audience, we are not retards. Smaller hints would be much more appreciated.
2. When Kristen says “You’re so weird.” to Nygma. – It’s just out of place, it should have been cut out.
3. The upskirt shot of the blond girl, Amber, the Goath’s final victim, while she was walking down stairs. – For crying out loud, did anyone look at that and said “Sure, this looks good, lets print.”, its just mesmerizingly ridiculous.
4. When Bullock was surprised his theory was correct. – It was just sad and dumb and so tacky. We get that Bullock is not the sharpest knife, but also, he’s not a balling ball to be cheering like that.


The location where Barbara meets Rene Montoya is filmed at Brooklyn Tourism & Visitor Center, in New York, while the movie  shots where Batman is fighting Bane of the steps of the court house in the last Nolan Batman is filmed in Carnegie Mellon Institute, in Pittsburgh.


Worst and Best actor/character episode performance
Best: Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor)
Worst: Edvard Nygma (Cory Michael Smith)