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Gotham S01E05

Category : Reviews · by Oct 24th, 2014

After 5 episodes have went through we can safely say that the show is heading in the semi-right direction. Its certainly not a Batman film, and the show is not claiming to be nor it is called like that, but it does represent a certain part of Batman universe. While watching it you will get a feeling that films, cartoon and the comic book are all mixed together, while emphasize was put on the comic book. You can see that by how the camera frames and angles are set up, at moments you feel like certain parts are right from the comic book.

There are two things that are really bugging me. Over emphasizing the characters, for example Nygma’s or Cat woman’s.  Where Nygma, in this particular episode is “fascinated” by Viper. Secondly, Cat woman, its just painfully bad to watch that little girl crouching and sliding of the things all the time. It just doesn’t fit in, it doesn’t fit in into the shows “reality”. For now, Cat woman and Lysa are considered as a bad casting choice.

Overall, this episode was pretty good. Better than all of the previous ones. I’m guessing that the tight schedule of filming a Hollywood TV Show with having up to 24 episodes per season, doesn’t leave that much of a time to correct and review certain things.


Character review
Talking about characters and actors playing them. This time around we will visit James Gordon played by Ben McKenzie.

James Gordon (Ben McKenzie)
I guess you Got-ham or you don’t, right? This character has been played (on screen) by Pat Hingle in the Tim Burton Batman and by Gary Oldman in the Nolan trilogy. Both actors were very memorable in their roles and they both did a great job with what they were tasked to do. Oldman had a bigger role, but that doesn’t separate their quality performance.

How does our new, younger, Gordon portrayed by Ben McKenzie stack up to the previous actors? Good, I guess. Watching the pilot (Gotham S01E01) first impression was “this man would be awesome as Max Payne”. After five episodes that feeling is still present but his honest and caring way of playing the role is fine, its passable, its good. Its not stellar, well, not yet. I haven’t seen his previous work in Shouthland but I get a feeling that his is not first time playing a police officer. Its hard to pin point what the character of a young James Gordon should be, I believe they are still searching for it.


The effects of the Falcone – Morione splitting of the Arkham District are being discussed by Bruce over at Wayne manor, Don Maroni at the restaurant and Don Falcone in a warehouse together with Fish Mooney. A strange drug appears on the streets of Gotham when a man with a mangled ear leaves a small vial with green liquid in a street guitar performers case. The liquid is classified as drug, nicknamed Viper. Nygma explains that the consumers of Viper are gaining strength from their bones so they need calcium (milk, cheese…). Its suggested that Wellzyn, a subdiary of Wayne enterprises is involved in the making of the drug. While planning a hit on the Falcone casino, Penguin opens up to Don Maroni and tells him his backstory, however James Gordon is “invited” to verify his story, in the process he almost got both of them killed. The Viper was distributed by the exWellzyn employe who faced moral dilemma of continuing the project after Wayne’s have previously stopped its development. Fish Mooney is training her secret weapon in the art of seduction. Bruce attends a charitable luncheon hosted by WAYNE ENT. where he is trying to get to talk to the board members of WAYNE ENTERPRISES in the case of irregularities in the Arkham project. The scientist who developed Viper is trying to pump the gas into the hall in order to infect all the gala visitors but he is prevented by Gordon and Bullock. His last words were to visit the “warehouse 39”, which they find almost empty. Don Marione manages to rob the Falcone Casino with the help of Penguin. The episode ends with Don Falcone meeting a blond retro-high-class modest girl, which is the Fish Mooney’s secret weapon (Lysa).


TrekNexus rating: 8/10


There were three moments in this episode that are worth mentioning. Fish Mooney slapping her apprentice after she requested some excitement, that was funny and unexpected. Jada Pinkett Smith is really good as Fish Mooney, no doubts about it.


Viper’s development lead to developing the second version of the drug, they named it Venom – used by Bane.