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Need For Speed

Category : Films ยท by Oct 22nd, 2014

Why Need For Speed (2014) flopped? Simple answer is that Jesse Pinkman (or Aaron Paul, whichever name you prefer) shifted from reality-heavy tv show,Breaking Bad, to a movie that’s dialogue is dumber than a box of rocks.

30 minutes into the movie, you get to the scene where Jesse (I really don’t remember the characters name in the movie) is talking to the cops and cops cant determine that there was a 3rd vehicle on the crime scene. I’m trying to avoid spoilers. But for crying out loud, its Koenigsegg, not VW Polo!!! If not impossible, then its extremely hard to miss one on the road. And the witnesses claiming there were only two cars. #facepalm

Movie logic hole 1
I guess having three Kogingsegg’s, one red, one silver and one white racing down the separate double lane road almost colliding with numerous cars can make people think there were only two.

Movie logic hole 2
The incident happened on the bridge entering the city. Silver car stopped, the red car went into the city, and there was no footage of any surveillance cameras of a red Koenigsegg driving in a city on that day?

Dropping pop culture references like TopGun, Speed, Space Jam didn’t help and if anything it looks desperate.

Commenting on the rest of the movie would be like beating a dead horse. It’s over Johnny.


Current imdb rating: 6.7/10
TrekNexus rating: 2/10


There are two things in this movie worth watching, the office scene and Michael Keaton.


Final race location GPS coordinates 39.627127, -123.580595 (9001 Branscomb Rd, Laytonville, CA 95454, USA)