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Gotham S01E04

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Episode summary

Barbara opens the door, where we see Penguin standing. He is invited in and he introduces himself as James old friend, Peter Humboldt. Small talk ensues where, Gordon looks scared out of his life.

Gordon escorts him out of the building where they have a scuffle in an alley. James tells Penguin that he should put a bullet in his head because he returned and if Falcone founds out, they will be both dead. Penguin offers Gordon his life or Gordon to trust him.

Gordon asks about the war. Penguin tells him about the upcoming war – Arkham, of course.

Councilman Ron Jekins and his body guard are meet by a man on the roof top garage where he asks them for a moment of their time.

He shows them a device he has built. Body guard is murdered by the device. Councilman is trying to hide in a booth but the man catches up to him and kills him, – Honestly sir, I voted for you.

Gordon and Bullock get the case of the dead councilman.

The Fish Mooney is interviewing a singer. She is not looking for a girl, she is looking for a weapon.

A guy named Nicki is being interrogated by Bullock and Gordon. He denies killing anyone and James quickly realizes he is not their guy.

Alvarez leaves box with evidence on Gordon’s desk.

In the box he finds a document titled Arkham District Development Proposal.

Mayor starts proposing Arkham district by stating that it has 48 acres, 26 city blocks, last major undeveloped district in the city of Gotham. Which Wayne’s were trying to develop before their tragic death. In place of the old asylum a new cutting edge state of the art mental health care facility will be built.

Don Moroni has a meeting at the restaurant, where he is talking about investing in the land, that’s where the big money is.

Gordon visits Wayne manor, talking to Alfred about Arkham district, asking to find out more. Gordon finds out that they are two sides, two proposals, on what to do with Arkham district.
Bruce walks in and cites his mothers letter about Arkham asylum.

James explains to Bruce how the gang war will ensue. At a moment Gordon looks too deep, over his looks over his head when he receives a phone call on his cell from Bullock where he is notified that another councilman, Zeller, has been kidnapped.

First look of Arkham asylum. Van drives through the open asylum gates. Man that killed previous councilman rolls out a barrel from the van in which the councilman is held captive. He gives a short speech about having him working for a customer and his duty to the customer.

Arkham Asylum

Bullock, Gordon and chief of the police are standing on the crime scene where they come to conclusion that Falcone and Markoni are killing councilman’s in order to secure the vote.

Edvard Nygma joins the crime scene where he explains that the victims were killed by the same person with the same weapon.

Penguin is caught snooping at the restaurant.

Gordon and Bullock visit an prison inmate offering him two carts of cigarettes in exchange for the info about the hitman. He describes the weapon being being a steel spike, naming the hitman Gladvel, he works at Walencki building in mid-town.

Following the lead Gordon and Bullock visit the location, after introduction to the desk clerk they find out that the Gladvel’s first name is Richard and that he works for HR.

After they visit his desk, they find out that he is just left. James decides to go after him, leaving Bullock at the desk.

Gordon comes close to catching him, but Bullock invites him back to show him new evidence.

Bruce wakes up from a nightmare where he sees the gun that shoot his parents. He asks Alfred to bring him all of the documents from the Arkham asylum.

Three guys with masks walk in to the restaurant and start yelling and shooting around.

Penguin hides in the walk in freezer with a bag of money he managed to save.

Gordon comes home and Barbara is confronting him about his secrets. She asked James about Cobblepot.

James figures out that Montoya is serving information to Barbara asking her why is Montoya constantly coming to her. Barbara admits having a relationship with Montoya for about a year and that it was before she meet Gordon.

Don Morione is talking about revenge to the Falcone’s because they attacked his restaurant.

Oswald is invited by the Don, where he shows appreciation by promoting him to the restaurant manager.

Bullock explains to Gordon that the real Richard Gladvel has been killed for the last five years.

We are at the club where Fish Mooney is listening to a girl singing.
The girl is named Lysa.
Fish Mooney offers her the job right away, but as with previous, she needs to seduce Fish Mooney in order to pass the test. She passes with flying colors, it seems.
Harvey walks in right after the previous audition and talks to Fish Mooney so he would better understand why is the councilman war happening and why it is important for Falcone to have entire Arhkam district to himself.
Oswald calls Gordon to let him know that there would be another murder happening soon.
Gordon gets the list of police officers assigned to protect the mayor and after looking at it he realizes mayor will be the next victim.
Few moments later a hitman is walking up to the door.
The fight ensues.
Harvey walks in with a gun, hitman steps back, but then decides to attack the mayor. He is gunned down by both Harvey and James.
Barbara and James are at the GCPD where she talks to him about Montoya.
She makes an ultimatum asking him on letting her in on the secrets or she will walk away.
Fish Mooney is having her two choices fighting it out on the docks. Lysa wins.
In some empty apartment in Gotham three attackers on the restaurant are sitting around and counting money. Oswald’s enters and the attackers recognize him and thank him for the tip about the job.
Oswald offers them cannoli and tells them to eat up. He continues waiting them to finish, refusing to take part.

James and Harvey are at the station looking at the mayor’s press conference.

The conference is being held in front of Arkham asylum.
To surprise of everyone, mayor decides to have both projects. Low income housing for Falcone, and waste disposal site and to refurbish Arkham for Moroni.
At Wayne manor Bruce and Gordon are talking about the new situation development.
Oswald is leaving the room with the attackers where they are left for dead.