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Disney canceled Clone wars

Category : News · by Mar 19th, 2013

Another good decision! Really is. I am sorry for the people who worked on the series for losing their jobs, but it means that something is changing. For better or worse Star Wars is changing and thats a fact.

However, it gives us a reason to be doubtful and even worried. Why have they done it? They say its time and everything comes to an end, but truth be told… Disney wants to reconnect Star Wars with the force. Too long have we watched how Lucas turned from a Jedi to a Sith and walked that dark path of becoming a “studio”. Walking the very same path as other studios, that he hated so much, are walking till this day.

Well, to go back to the question of why. What was the reason. To be honest, we would love to hear that this has been done because someone with a right sense of mind has decided to cut the bullshit we were fed for the last three movies. It would be great to hear that, but it would be even better to see it in the upcoming movies. Things like no Jar Jar, no emo Jedi’s, no Ewoks (we like the Ewoks kinda, but not that much) just going back to that wonderful feeling of first time watching Star Wars.

Things will change, for better or for worse, its something that will be part of our future.