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Super Bowl Iron Man 3

Category : Trailer Talk · by Feb 4th, 2013

Are we at TREKNEXUS awaiting a new Iron Man movie? Fo’ sho! Why? One answer – Robert Downey Jr., a man that has fused himself with the role he plays on screen. His performance is believable, convincing and right on the money. Here is why we love to see this actor playing the ol’ Shellhead. Personal background of RDJ is somewhat similar to Tony Stark as he too went through a catharsis with drugs abuse that lead to his return to the big screens, or any other size of screens, can be compared to the Iron Man origins, when Tony changed his view on the world. It wasn’t a U turn, but it was enough to give him a nudge in a superhero direction, although this hasn’t changed his character, just the motivation.

Anyway… Convincing as he is on screen and owning a few similarities as Tony Stark does, this is not enough to create a successful movie. You can  see when actor loves the role, well, we think we can see when an actor loves the role, we (movie going folk) were wrong in past (Die Hard).

Super Bowl Iron Man 3 – Have you seen an extended look version? Well, it might be more extensive than extended, but it does justice to the character. If anybody else tried to pull of that stunt in an ad, it would look odd and would mock the movie, character and a bit insulting. Some career YouTube reviewers, we would point out Jeremy Jahns, said that he liked how the missile hit Air Force One and there are people falling from it, but hated Tony’s line when he asked Jarvis how many he can carry with him and that he will ultimately save them all even he can only take 4 with him.

First, Jeremy, please, watch the trailer before you comment. I know that your taste in movies is mainstream mostly and that your somewhat broaden view of Hollywood flicks is not in the least competent on judging some of them, the pinnacle of story telling for you is Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is a good tv show, it fits perfectly in a tv show form (continuous story, character development, building the plot, etc.). Maybe you should just stick to tv shows, huh?

Second. As you can see on frame 1575 (at 00:01:05:69) in the trailer (posted below), the door on Air Force One are blown open. Which means, my dear Jeremy, that the explosion was from inside of the plane. Also, you can inspect these three images (image 1, image 2, image 3) and see that the “missile hit” was right on the back door of the plane. Also, on the frame 1704 (at 00:01:11:07) and 1730 (at 00:01:12:16)  you can see there is no additional damage to the plane. Trivia -the people have vacated the plane at 29.995 ft (9.142 m).

Third. I don’t know how in the world did Stark’s delivery of the “Oh boy…” line is interpreted as “here we go again in a suspense adventure that will result in saving everybody”. WTF?! Have we watched the same trailer? Tony is a bit pretensious and pompous, but he is never 100% sure of himself when he gets in the fight, that makes him human. As you can see that his suit has been dinged and scratched a bit, the line he gives is to show that he had a handful up to that point, and things are going for the worse.

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did RDJ or Tony Stark just troll the entire internet?

raymond burley
He broke the 4th wall.

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TN THOUGHTS (inspired by G. Carlin)
The wording of those two words, “drugs abuse”. We don’t think he abused them, like he was beating them or swearing at them or making them watch StarTrek XI. The term is really misleading. Let’s put things in perspective. He really enjoyed them, until at one point it all went out of his hands and over his head. We love you RDJ!