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James Doohan will be in ST XII

Category : News · by Jan 23rd, 2013

SciFi Pulse has published an article where Chris Doohan, the son of the late James Doohan, has confirmed what he posted on his Facebook account, he will have a part in Star Trek Into Darkness (or ST XII*).

“A big thank you to my pal Simon Pegg,” Doohan said, “This would not have happened without him.”. As some of you might know Chris Doohan appeared in the first JJ Star Trek alongside Simon Pegg in the transporter room scene.

Just so it would be known, Chris Doohan does apperances as Scotty (his father’s role) in the fan film series Star Trek Continues.


*TREKNEXUS does not recognize Star Trek films past Nemesis, the numbering of the movies is strictly because of SEO and false sense of continuity to people searching reviews online.