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20 years of Deep Space Nine

Category : News · by Jan 23rd, 2013

Congratulations to the crew and cast of DS9! We thank you for the years spent developing the story, characters and introducing a wonderful family story in a setting found in the deepest of space.  Ron D More had a lot of credit for this one and we salute him for having bravery to do something so out of the ordinary and yet feel as Star Trek. Fabulous cast with as much as sensibility as love for one another. As an viewer of a certain age similar to Jake (when episodes aired) it would be great to walk on the promenade or visit Quarks or just sit next to a window and watch the stars and the worm hole until Odo tells us to go away.

Space may be the final frontier but it is made in a Hollywood basement, and this one, folks, was one of the better ones. And because of that we at TREKNEXUS feel that there should have been at least one DS9 movie if not more.

Special thanks to:
Avery Brooks // Benjamin Sisko
Cirroc Lofton // Jake Sisko
Rene Auberjonois // Odo
Alexander Siddig // Doctor Bashir
Colm Meaney // Chief O’Brien
Armin Shimerman // Quark
Nana Visitor // Kira Nerys
Terry Farrell // Jadzia Dax
Michael Dorn // Worf
Abdrew Robinson // Garak
Marc Alaimo // Gul Dukat
Aron Eisenberg // Nog
Max Grodenchik // Rom
Jeffery Combs // Weyoun
Majel Barrett // Feradation computer voice
Nicole de Boer // Ezri Dax
Brock Peters // Joseph Sisko
Deborah Lacey // Sarah Sisko
and many many more

Bye Terok Nor and thank you! We shall always remember the adventures we went through together.