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Guardians of the Galaxy

Category : Films, Reviews ยท by Nov 16th, 2014

If you are born in the 80’s or before you will appreciate this film a lot more, John Stamos and Kevin Bacon sure will. Its good, its pretty good, its more than you would expect from a C list Marvel superhero comic book. Either way you look at it its a story about underdog overachievers that hit it with the audiences.

Going to see this film you can expect one thing, a lot of light-hearten themes, some comedy and a generally high level of fun. We need to establish that this is by no means Schindlers list, you have to take it for its face value its a comic book movie that has its ground in pop-culture references. You will most likely really like the film and wont be disappointed by any of the segments, the characters are good, the story is there and you will not complain about the quality of the special effects – the movie is solid A across the board.



A kid is kidnapped by aliens, only to be trained to become a part of a an interstellar thief group. During a high paid heist job he decides to go solo, only to find out that the item he acquired is a very powerful weapon sought out by an entity that wants to destroy a planet. Having his ex friends, bounty hunters and powerful immortal on his back things go haywire pretty fast.


Current imdb rating: 8.5/10
TrekNexus rating: 8/10


Crhis Pratt is born for the role, there are not enough of people who could play the role of Starlord with such ease. Vin Diesel’s voice is so reckongizable, that without watching the billing you could reckognize him being Groot, and it suits him so well. We have to mention Bradley Cooper as Rocket because, even watching the scenes that included Rocket you would never even think that has anything to do with Cooper. His voice acting was refreshingly different in a way that Rocket became a person on his own right and not a “actor voiced 3D puppet”. Soundtrack, you should take a listen to an “AWESOME MIX VOL.1“.