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Sherlock S03E01

Category : News · by Jan 8th, 2014

Welcome back Sherlock! After just few minutes in the “The empty hearse” episode you can hear voices of people from exYugoslavia chasing down a man. There are factual errors, which at first seemed intentional in order to mask the identity and deflect a possible country/people identification. Or not?

Well, if you thought Serbs will escape this one as being marked as a terrorist cell, you would be wrong. How or why the Serbian people got connected to Sherlock Holmes is beyond comprehension. List of factual errors include:

  • they are not speaking Serbian in any known accent that could be found in Serbia,
  • percentage of Serbian soldiers serving in Navy is less than 0.5% and that was only possible during the federation of Serbia and Montenegro,
  • high-tech equipment used to track and catch Sherlock is not standard or is very uncommon in Serbia,
  • solider who was guarding the facility where Sherlock was located had a Russian-like uniform which Serbian soldiers never wore,
  • Serbian is a part of Slavic group of languages and it has been influenced by Turkish and German, but all of the words and sentences used in the scenes did not belong to a “common-multi-language-mix” expressions.

Again, why were Serbs used in such a manner in these series? I guess they wanted to match the evil of professor Moriarty, because Serbs are well known for their evil. Right.