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ST calendars for ’13 and ’14

Category : News · by Jan 16th, 2013

As posted by the The Trek Collective a new calendar is out based on the new StarTrek Into Darkness movie. Nothing strange there, except the calendar is covering the following year, the 2014, not the present 2013. I guess that has some logic behind it, early bird catches a worm they say. The responsible party behind this is Universe Publishing, and here is a first look at their range of Star Trek calendars for next year. Also, continuing from this year are the TOS calendars, daily calendars, and engagements calendars. If you consider buying any of them, you can check out Amazon.

There isn’t currently a defined listing for Ships of the Line 2014, but there are signs that it might appear later in the year. When Ships of the Line does appear it will consist out of  5 calendars from Universe alone. Worth mentioning is that Panini in Germany are also returning with another Star Trek Wandkalender.

Star Trek 2014 16-month engagement calendar sample Star Trek 2014 16-month engagement calendar