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Reactions to the new Star Wars VII

Category : News ยท by Jan 26th, 2013

These are comments from around the YouTube.

Nope…just no. Joss Whedon should’ve directed Star Wars ep 7…Abrams could’ve had one of the following two, if even that.

Lee Jackson
I’m not sure about JJ. Turned the Enterprise into a giant Apple store. Might as well have renamed the ship the USS Apple.Mac

NO! One man handling both franchises doesn’t bring balance.

sorry…no. JJ Abrams is just a hipper version of Michael Bay. Star Trek was good and Cloverfield was an interesting answer to the question “what would hipsters do if Godzilla came?” But the rest are soulless blockbusters. Better choices to direct: Julie Taymor, Darren Aronofsky, Wachowski Siblings, Coen Siblings, Danny Boyle and of course, our reigning fantasy master PJ himself.
More better choices than Abrams: Wes Anderson, PT Anderson, Todd Solondz, Christopher Nolan, David Fincher, AND LET’S NOT FORGET OUR HEAVENLY FATHER STEVEN ALLAN SPIELBERG
also, I wrote “Jar Jar Abrams” at 9 this morning on my facebook, so I win. first. yeah. =)

If JJ Abrams screws this up he must until his death be called….Jar Jar Abram

I’m not even a big Star Trek fan, but it simply didn’t feel like a Star Trek movie. It was closer in spirit to a Star Wars movie, but it still just felt so empty. I watched it once and had no desire to see it again. Anyway, J.J. Abrams won’t be directing so much as obeying his Disney bosses.

Star Wars died back in the mid 90’s

Disney wants to make money, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Abrams will make a flashy, entertaining movie using characters we know and love. The nerdiest among us will probably be a bit upset with some of the choices made in the story, because they don’t follow whatever plot was expected, but I’m just happy it’s not going to be another trilogy of trainwrecks.

Well it can’t get any worse CAN IT?