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Geordi loves Star Trek XI

Category : News · by Jan 13th, 2013

An interview was posted by Watch Culture! with LeVar Burton about a lot of things, among others there were few words concerning the first ST done by our favorite director. Here is an excerpt:

WC!: Finally, getting back to Star Trek, did you see J.J Abrams movie? What did you think of it?
LB: Yes I did, I loved it! The first one, I loved it!

WC!: There are some Star Trek fans who are not happy with the more action centric nature of his version of Star Trek, it is less cerebral shall we say. What are your thoughts on that?
LB: Well, I enjoyed the reboot and now I’m interested in seeing what he wants to talk about with the next film. Now he’s got our attention and reestablished his timeline with his cast, now we will find what JJ wants to talk about, wont we?

WC!: Do you get a special preview before all of us do?
LB: No? Why would I!

WC!: I thought it might be a perk of the job, having been Chief Engineer on the Enterprise.
LB: It does, in J.J Abrams universe [Laughs]



Well, I must say I was surprised to see everyone jumping on the JJA bandwagon, but he says he personally loved the movie and enjoyed the reboot. Well, boys and girls, its easy to not to understand something when your paycheck is depending on it. I wish everyone who worked on Star Trek were honest with the new Apple Store Star Trek movies. They are an insult to Star Trek fans everywhere. LeVar you are respected here at TrekNexus for a lot of things you did, so we will let this one slide.